Thursday, March 3, 2011

We have a Winner!

Yes, that's right.  Finally.
You have all been just charming with your responses, and I do apologize for not declaring the giveaway winner sooner.  Tenets here at Summer House habe been sniffley and snuffly and things have been crazy.  Two little kiddos indoors for a couple of weeks in a lovely, but very tiny house do not make for a most productive me. 

But, enough with the excuses, here is our winner!
   Mrs. B!

  Email me with your shipping information Mrs. B and we'll send Trot on his way home!
I want to thank you every one of your for your feedback about Trafalgar's Square.  Your comments have helped immensely, and I'm excited to show you the results.  Some fantastic changes and additions are coming in the very near future, I'll keep you posted!

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