Thursday, December 9, 2010

Originals and Another Giveaway

Well, it took a little longer than I thought (thanks to a barage of sniffles and coughles that kept circulating through the clan), but the first handful of paintings from my 100 original blitz is finally available in the shop.         


I have a tendency to get really attached to my originals, even if most of the time they end up stashed in watercolor paper pads in the closet, so this 100 painting blitz thing is part of my heroic attempt to overcome my hoarder urges.

And now for the giveaway.

Just in time for Christmas, these two 8x10 prints of wintry little gatherings are ready to bring some jolly-cheer to your pad.  The giveaway closes Friday, December 17th, and the winner will be selected through  Oh, and just to verify, anyone in the whole, wide world can enter (international shipping is no problem).  :)

Here's how to enter:

1. Follow the blog
2. Blog, twitter, or sky write about this giveaway. 
3. Leave a comment below (one comment per follower)
4. Drink hot cocoa. 

Ok, so you don't have to drink hot cocoa to win the prints, but you need to at least think about drinking hot cocoa.  With lots of marshmallows.  And dollops of whipped cream.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pretty Little Ladies

Isn't this a great idea for a Christmas art project? I love everything about them, their cardboard wings, the ribbon dress, and the tiny painted shoes.  I can't wait to make some with my girls.

images via here

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